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Posted On: May 2, 2018

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Why online shopping is better than in-store

By Tobias Mann

Online shopping gives you a freedom to place your order sitting at your home and track your delivery. You can shop even after a few drinks and no need to worry about going somewhere. Most of modern companies have online shopping as a big share in their daily sales. For example in 2017 online shopping in UK was worth more than 150bn pounds.

Main reason of course that it is duty free. We can see that duties and taxes are constantly rising and it directly effects on retail in-store prices. You can find tax-free cigarettes cheaper for 50%. Main value in retail cigarette price comes from taxes and duties. Because generally, pure production cost for cigarettes is very low. It is no more than 10% of the price tag you see at your neighbor store shelf.

Also online shopping provides you with the largest choice of any brands all over the world. Buying cigarettes online is much more convenient than buying for example a dress, because when you buy duty free Marlboro menthol cigarettes you exactly know what is on its way to you. In addition, with dress there could be misfit, color mismatch or other issues.

Another important reason is a refund. Good duty free cigarette stores offer you refund in case your order is lost or damaged. Normal practice protects you at all times. Moreover, there will be no difference between online shopping and in-store visits.

All you need while shopping online is to pick a right place. Website have to be serious. Because unlike some fraud websites trusted ones have put a lot of efforts and investments into website building and promotion. Good websites have at least SSL encryption that guarantees your data safety. Customer service should also be on a high level. If online store wants to run its business, it pays a lot of attention to a customer satisfaction.

Generally, online shopping is easy. Easier than visit to a supermarket. You will get low prices, no crowd, no additional marketing tricks that will push you to make unnecessary purchases. As soon as you will find the right shop, you will use it repeatedly. All you will need is to make couple of clicks and estimate time when you will need your cigarettes. You save your money and what is more important you save your time.

There is great online shop that matches all above criteria: SaveOnCigs. There is low pricing, duty free express delivery, wide range of genuine products and top quality customer service. You will get your parcel in days and enjoy your regular cigarette brands for super discounted prices. Moreover, company offers free shipping for orders with two and more cartons. Don’t miss the chance to buy duty free cigarettes online UK and start saving your money!