Are e-cigarettes safe?

Posted On: May 21, 2018

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Are e-cigarettes safe?

10 cons of vaping e-cigarettes

1. Health hazards

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes assure customers that there are no harmful substances in their products. In this respect, the World Health Organization has a completely opposing opinion. The "Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems" stated that "ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) is not just a" water vapor ", as it is often claimed. WHO experts found that the main components of the solution, in addition to nicotine, are propylene glycol, glycerin, fragrances, formaldehyde and other cancer-causing substances.

2. E-vaping devices sometimes explode

Several cases have already been regarding vaporizers exploding in the mouth of the smoker. For example: a 57-year-old Florida resident, Vietnamese veteran Tom Haloway, and as a result of the using of the electronic cigarette, exploded the tongue.

3. Allergic reactions

The operation of an electronic cigarette is like that of a boiler: the spiral is heated, the smoking composition emits steam. However, some components of the smoking mixture especially propylene glycol can cause irritation of the upper respiratory tract. Unfortunately, this leads into an allergic reaction. Natural tobacco nicotine has been replaced with a chemical one, and this is even more harmful. For example, nicotine sulfate, which used as pesticides for insects killing, and then completely banned because of their high toxicity. Now people are poisoned by analogues of pesticides!

4. Cellular damage

All the flavors in electronic cigarette liquids penetrate the human lungs. And they affect them not superficially, but at the deepest cellular level. This was announced last year at the international conference of the US Pulmonary Community. Employees of the University of North Carolina represented the results of their study, during which they established that longer in the lungs vapor stays – larger the damage.

5. Poor regulation

Import, sales, advertising, promotion and consumption of these products are not regulated in any way, and poses a serious threat to the achievements of implementation of anti-smoking measures in most countries.

6. Unknown dosages

Due to the lack of strict control it is almost impossible to know the dosage of certain substances. Even if the package says that it is a device with a low nicotine content, no one can really test this. On a pack of ordinary cigarettes there is at least level of tar and nicotine indicated. In the case of electronic cigarettes declared levels of nicotine and other substances often does not coincide with their actual content. A person thinks that once he bought an electronic cigarette he smokes less - but in fact it can be even more than in a normal cigarette.

7. Risking addiction

Electronic cigarettes are often used as a way to quit smoking conventional cigarettes. However, often this is just a fairy tale. First, the vaporizers themselves cause nicotine dependence, although not in such quantities as tobacco products. Secondly, people who cannot quit tobacco smoking become smokers in square: they smoke both ordinary cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

8. Second hand smoke

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that people who are close to active vapors are also exposed to particles of harmful smoking mixtures: "We do not know whether the increased exposure to toxic substances and particles will increase the risk of disease and death among others, as in the case of exposure to tobacco smoke. However, epidemiological evidence obtained from environmental studies indicates adverse effects on the body."

9. Ineffective solution to quitting cigarettes

The study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine in 2014, showed that there is no noticeable rejection of ordinary cigarettes as a result of switching to electronic analogs. Even a year after the switch to vapes smokers tend to habitual cigarettes with tobacco.

10. Ruthless manufacturers

They simply earn money on vapors, killing smokers’ health. In 2014, people spent 3 billion dollars on the e-cigs. By 2030, sales is expected to increase by 17 times. For their short history electronic cigarettes have made a successful "career" - they gathered a large flock of followers and, according to experts will overtake regular cigarettes in sales in the next 10-15 years. Three years ago there were 466 brands in the world, today the number of those who want to profit at your expense (at any cost) has increased by about one and a half times. They get richer, but you obediently carry the money to the cash register again and again.

So what’s the solution?

Generally, it is evident that smoking classic cigarettes and e-cigarettes is same harmful. So best thing is to quit smoking. But for people who still enjoy smoking there’s our site with low-prices for branded classic cigarettes.