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Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 10mg, Nicotine 0.7mg, CO 10mg



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Generally Bond cigarettes, of course have nothing to do with Agent 007. At least because, judging by the marketing legend, the brand appeared in 1902, and Ian Fleming came up with his killer only in 1953. So where did these cigarettes come from? In a rather scant history of Bond there are many myths in which we will now try to understand. So, the beginning of the last century. Cigarettes have not yet received widespread distribution.

According to the legend, Bond cigarettes were born due to the direct participation of the English royal family. Allegedly acting then King Albert, or, if adhered to the protocol, Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David Windsor, by his decree allocated to Philip Morris (Bond brand owner) a place under the tobacco Shop. And not somewhere, but on the Bond Street. Street, where the most expensive and prestigious boutiques are still located in London. Hence the name of new cigarettes. However, the fact that at that time King Albert was only eight years old is hampered completely to believe in this story. He was born only in the year 1894 and hardly in 1902 could make any decisions.

While Big tobacco brands have converged in bloody fights, Bond Street with slow persistence of the wounded Terminator won world markets. And here the average price segment was a huge advantage. Let's say that another iron curtain collapsed. Someplace in China. Usually, the majority of the population, though eager to be addicted to capitalist tobacco values, still does not have enough funds. The dollar for a pack of the same Camel somehow was not always affordable  even for blue collars class. This is the point made Bond cigs popular.

Stylish, similar to the dream of all oppressed totalitarian regimes Marlboro. To be honest, quite decent tobacco. It is not surprising that Bond Street stubbornly occupies the leading places on sales in the countries, that it is accepted a little disparagingly to call "developing”. And the confirmation of that – the national "tobacco ratings". In the first place in developing countries is often Winston, just behind it L&M and Kent. And Bond Street usually also ranks at honorable fourth place, overtaking Marlboro and Alliance from the lower price league.