Frequently Asked Questions

- Why you?

First of all – low prices. We have good sources in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to get original cigarettes for significantly low prices. In these countries, base prices for cigarettes and local taxes are much lower than in Western Europe and USA. This is a core of our business. We buy cheap. We sell cheap.

Second – We are highly interested in long-term relationships with our customers. Our goal is to win consumers for its products by virtue of the produts' quality, value and excellent service.

Third – We are fast. You will get your order at your doorstep quickly because we use express air shipping only. In addition, for orders with two or more cartons our shipping is absolutely free.

- Is it legal to buy cigarettes online?

Sure. There are no laws restricting you to buy cigarettes online.

- Do you sell genuine products?

Yes. We sell only original products produced by official manufacturers and brand owners.

However, some texts on the products can be in one of the Eastern European languages.

Cigarette packs are officially sealed and have excise stickers on them. It proves that these are genuine products with excise taxes paid in source country.

Do I have to pay customs duty?

We do not report to any authorities and parcels are delivered to your doorstep by express courier service.

We send two cartons maximum per parcel.  Parcels are properly packed so nothing shows what is inside. Moreover, we declare parcels as souvenirs.

- Do you share customers’ information?

No. We do not disclose or sell any data provided by our customers to third parties for any reason whatsoever. We use this data only for processing orders and transactions.

- Tell me about your shipping procedures.

Shipment is dispatched only after your payment is cleared at our account.

Our single selling/shipping unit is one carton. Free shipping is applied for orders with two cartons or more. 

For single carton orders flat shipping rate applies in amount of £8.9 (€10 / $12.5).

If you place order with more than 2 cartons it may be split into separate parcels which will be delivered with gap in time due to customs regulations.

For example, if you have ordered 5 cartons it may be split as 2+2+1. Three parcels in total, delivered with few days difference between them.

- What is your shipping time?

We use express shipping only. Usually it takes between 5-12 days.

- To what countries do you ship?

We ship worldwide. Although we are oriented to USA and Western Europe due to high cigarette prices there. It is quite evident that nobody orders our cigarettes from Northern Korea.

- What is your payment procedures and payment methods?

At the moment we accept wire transfers only. 

There are 2-4 days needed until your payment is landed to our account. As soon as payment is cleared we dispatch the shipment.

 - What currencies you do accept?

We accept British pounds, US dollars and Euros. However, our default currency is British Pound. Therefore, from time to time slight price differences may occur for USD and EUR.

- How safe is transactions over your website?

We use encrypted environment in our website. All transactions are processed online through reliable and trusted banks. We guarantee safety and security for your financial data and transfers.

- Can I resell cigarettes I received from you?

We sell our products for personal use only. Please keep in mind that most likely it is illegal in your country to resell it. Doesn’t worth it.


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